“Filled with insightful stories, Rainmaker Confidential takes you behind the curtain to look at how top performers invest in the right talents for their people to make the sales they need again and again.”

Marshall Goldsmith

New York Times #1 bestselling author of Triggers, Mojo, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

“A masterful job distilling rainmaker wisdom into a highly readable book on how you can leverage top rainmaker tactics for supercharged business development.”

Tony Alessandra, PhD

Author of Non-Manipulative Selling and The Platinum Rule for DISC Sales Mastery

“Most professionals were never taught how to acquire and retain clients. In fact, most of them would prefer just to do the work and not subject themselves to the drudgery of business development, sales, and the possibility of rejection. But the fact remains that without clients…you’re out of business. So, for your own survival’s sake, you have no choice but to become of student of creating profitable relationships to drive your business. The wonderful thing about this book is that it shows you how to do business development the right way. So, you’re learning the insights and shortcuts from the masters. Read it, follow it, and watch your business take off.”

Cole Silver, JD

Chief Client Officer, Blank Rome LLP, an Am Law 100 firm

“This book is not just for consultants and sales professionals but for anyone who wants to be effective in business or in life. I always thought rainmaking was a mysterious process that only wildly successful entrepreneurs understood. Boy, was I wrong! This book strips away all the gobbledy-gook and makes it clear in plain English that rainmaking is basically knowing how to solve problems facing people you care about.”

James Ware, PhD

Former Harvard Business School professor and managing editor of Work&Place

“There are so many great ideas here. The three authors have done an outstanding job in presenting rainmaking secrets in a clear and concise way.”

Astrid Baumgardner, JD

Yale faculty and author of Creative Success Now

“As a former BigLaw attorney, veteran legal recruiter, and legal educator, I found this book to be concise, accurate, and infinitely valuable. The authors share crucial insight and wisdom that can be used even before finishing the first chapter. They “peek behind the rainmaking curtain” to access industry leading high-level strategies and make this a must read for any serious businessperson. A winner on all accounts!”

Joe Ankus, Esq

President, Ankus Consulting, Inc.

“Brimming with ideas that will help professionals like lawyers sell, Rainmaker Confidential covers all the bases, including some new ones springing up as a result of new demands/opportunities of the pandemic era.  Beyond the wealth of sales concepts, this helpful volume by three trusted industry pros recommends three virtues that I believe are indispensable for lawyers:  design and use a process, prioritize, and exercise discipline.  Professionals who absorb even a fraction of the knowledge imparted in this book will be miles ahead of their peers.”

Steve Bell

Senior Consultant, LawVision and pioneer of Law Firm Sales

“When I saw the co-authors of Rainmaker Confidential, I knew it had to be a great book. Three people with great minds whom I truly respect!  I wasn’t disappointed. I’ve read hundreds of books on making it rain, but none of them have given as much tangible action steps. Read this book. Then take action.”

Bill Cates

Author of Beyond Referrals and Radical Relevance

“Read this inspiring, funny, and advice-filled book filled with concrete tips for making it rain and discover how you can leverage top rainmaker tactics for supercharged business development.”

Lisa Apolinski

CEO of the 3 Dog Write agency and author of Weathering the Digital Storm and Persuade With a Digital Content Story!

“In today’s market where your prospects are barraged with endless marketing noise, it is not enough to simply be excellent at your craft. You need to know how to make it RAIN! In this book, Henry, Mark, and Scott give you the blueprint and how-tos to set yourself apart, position you as the go-to in your field, and turn those prospects into paying clients.”

Art Sobczak

Author of Smart Calling-How to Eliminate the Fear, Failure, and Rejection from Cold Calling

Rainmaker Confidential is a treasure trove of insider gems that reveal some of the most essential strategies new consultants and other service professionals need to implement to make their businesses fly and fly fast. The book will help you get into the right headspace to make high-yield decisions and then take steps to get and keep business pouring in.”

Deb Zahn

CEO of Craft of Consulting and host of the Craft of Consulting Podcast

“Henry, Scott and Mark craft this message at the perfect time as companies and the prospects we call on are in reset mode. It makes sense for those of us who are responsible for driving business and impacting the bottom line to do the same. If you read through the lens of self-reflection, each chapter challenges you to reset by raising your ability to stand out with practical, actionable techniques, and strategies. A must read for those who want to create thunder in the marketplace.”

Mike Lejeune

President, Lighting the Path Training and author of EQuip to Lead: The Extraordinary Power of Emotional Intelligence

“These twenty-one secrets completely take the mystery out of rainmaking. If you’re in professional services, you must read this book.”

Ed Wallace

#1 bestselling author of The Relationship Engine

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