Make It Rain Retreats

If you would be open to a conversation about holding a business development retreat led by one of the authors of this new book, that would be most welcome. Contact us when the time is right to talk.

Rainmaker retreats are interactive workshops that can cover one to two days. Retreat agendas are tailored and are based on some or all the twenty-one secrets covered in the book:

Secret #1            Why Not Compare Your Rainmaking To Your Peers

Secret #2            How The Best Rainmakers Invest Their Time, Treasure, And Talent

Secret #3            Identify Client Motivations To Hire You

Secret #4            Hone Your Personal Rainmaking Brand

Secret #5            Write Your Next Book Fast

Secret #6            Speak Up, But Only If You Want To Make It Rain

Secret #7            Attract Clients With Podcasts

Secret #8            Make Relationships If You Want To Get Help Making It Rain

Secret #9            Use Key Influencers To Generate Word Of Mouth Advertising

Secret #10         Monopolize The Listening

Secret #11         How To Convert Prospects Into Clients

Secret #12         The Greatest Rainmaking Strategy In The World: Thought Leadership

Secret #13         Build A Network If You Don’t Have One

Secret #14         Improve Your Voice Like Jeff, Gwen, Tony, And Angelina

Secret #15         Consider A Side Hustle Like this One That Earned 40X ROI

Secret #16         Fire 90 Percent of Your Clients

Secret #17         Build A Rainmaker Culture

Secret #18         The Dirty Little Secret Why Rainmakers Need Therapy

Secet #19           Grow Your Rainmaking Exponentially

Secret #20         Avoid The Rainmaker Cult Of Overwork

Secret #21         Into the Rainmaking Future

Henry DeVries

Henry DeVries specializes in retreats for marketing and advertising firms, consultants, professionals, and technology services firms.

He can be reached at 619-540-3031 or [email protected].

Scott Love

Scott Love specializes in retreats for law firms and other types of professional services firms.

He can be reached at 202-769-9077 or [email protected].

Mark LeBlanc

Mark LeBlanc specializes in retreats for financial services firms and management consulting firms.

He can be reached at 612-860-9138 or [email protected].

Rainmaker Confidential Webinar

with Henry DeVries and Mark LeBlanc

“There are so many great ideas here. The three authors have done an outstanding job in presenting rainmaking secrets in a clear and concise way.”

Astrid Baumgardner, JD, Yale faculty and author of Creative Success Now